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Standards of Learning

These resources are designed to help students review for the Standards of Learning tests that they will take in May.  Click on your grade level to go to learning activities that will help you review and prepare for the big day!  Just one more question right can be the key to passing the test!

Third Grade Learning Activities

Reading Activities

Reading Read and Answer
Take this short read and answer quiz and see how you do!

Kids' Lab Reading Quizzes
The passages go from easy to difficult. How well do YOU read and remember? Check your work!

Reading Genres
At Starfall you can read folk tales, myths and fables.  If you don't know a word, click it!

Reading with Merpy
Merpy's a little monster (really!)  Read about her adventures!


Table of Contents:
The table of contents in a book will help you to find the names of the chapters of the book and the page number where each chapter begins. Try this tutorial to learn more about the Table of Contents, then click the clown to try the quiz!

Parts of a Book- Chapters
Do you know how to use Chapter Headings to find what you need?  Read each paragraph, then click on the Chapter Heading that you think is best for each section. 

Reading Non-Fiction
Reading factual material requires different skills than reading fiction. Try reading the tan green passages from Mr. Nussbaum’s site and answering the questions.  Can you be a good detective and read to find the answers?

Right There” Questions
How good a reading detective are you?  Can you find the answers when they are “right there?”  Click on any of the planets to read a short passage, then answer the “right there” questions.  When you’re done, click the submit button and your quiz will be graded for you!

Skill Reviewer:  Main Idea
Strengthen your reading comprehension skills!  Select Main Idea from the menu on the left.  Read the Skill Definition tab to be sure you understand what you’ll be working on.  Click the Skill Example tab to see what it looks like in action.  Then give it a shot by clicking on Practice Power!  How many can you get?

Word Meaning
Can you figure out the meaning of a word just by knowing the words around it?  If you can, then you are really a good reading detective!  Practice your skills by using this tutorial- then click the arrow for “Try More Practice!”

Context Clues Quizzes
From this page you’ll have lots of chances to practice finding the meaning of words by looking at the words around.  From the menu, choose the kind of story you want to read.  Then, read the story and choose the meaning of the word from the context of the story!  When you’re done, click submit and get your score (you can always try again!)

Understanding What You Read
From this page you can select either story.  Once you choose your story, you’ll have three activities to complete:  reading comprehension (answer the questions), recreating the story (click the button to choose what sentence fragment goes next to summarize the story), and complete the sentence (type the word from the word box to complete the sentence in the story summary).

Drawing Conclusions
Read each sentence, then select the best answer to the question.  If you’re right, the bored cows will get to move to a new pasture for grazing- watch out for those crazy cows!

Show What You Know
When you read a passage, can you figure out what is going on without them coming right out and telling you? Can you draw conclusions from what you are reading? Try this example and find out!

From the BBC- Read through the Fact Sheet and learn how to improve your summarizing skills. Then try the summarizing game and see how good you are at planning your travel diary! Finally, take the quiz- see if you can make it all the way to the hardest level!

Digger and the Gang
Can you help Digger and the Gang escape from the haunted house?  You’ll have to read and put together directions from lots of sources, like maps and magazines, to help them get out safely!


Where Can You Find Information?
You can find information from a dictionary, an encyclopedia or an almanac.  Do you know what each one does?  Click to learn the purpose of each, then practice to see how well you know the job of each!

Locating Information
When you want to locate information, it’s important to know where to look!  This tutorial shows you where to look for each kind of information.  Then click on the flower to practice!

Using a Variety of Sources
Searching for information can be easy.  There are a variety of sources you can use when you are looking for information.  Do you know which is best for each task?  Click the girl at each task to practice using the source!

Using the Library
Tell whether you would use an encyclopedia, almanac, or a card catalog to answer each of these questions. Write E for encyclopedia. A for almanac, or C for card catalog in the blank in front of each question.  On the side menu, click Language, then click Daily Language, then go to 26- Using the Library.

Story Elements
Do you understand the parts of a story, and how they fit together to make a story work? Do you know what the job of each piece is?  Test yourself and see!

What Are Realistic Story Elements?
How can you tell if the characters in a story are real? How can you tell if a story could really happen?  How can you tell if the setting is real? This lesson will help you figure out the answers to these questions, then click on the flower to practice telling a realistic story from a fantasy story.

Quiet on the Set!
Now is your chance to pretend you are a director!  Read the hints from different stories and try to figure out the setting of each just from the hint.  Can you do it?

Understanding the Plot
Did you know that almost every story has a plot?  It has a character with a problem, the character tries to solve the problem, and a solution. Try this mini-lesson to learn more about plot in stories, then click for more practice to test yourself!

Math Activities

Place Value
What IS place value and why is it important?
Watch this video and try these activities
to find out!

There Must be THOUSANDS
How can you write the number for the stars in the sky?

Place Value Pirates
Destroy the pirate that matches the message at the top of the screen by clicking on him!

Bedtime Bandits
Try to stay up as late as possible by blasting the correct clock with you flashlight!

Bang on Time
Read the time in words and then stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position!

The Ruler Game
Practice reading and measuring different increments on a ruler!

Which Measuring Tool?
Which tool do we use to meaure with when?

Hot Stuff!
Can you estimate the temperature if you know freezing, body temperature and boiling point?

Round About
Do you understand what rounding is and how to do it? Check out this tutorial just to make sure.  It will teach you what Rounding is all About!

The Seashell Rounding Page
Rounding makes numbers easier to work with in your head. If you do not need an exact number, you can round a number to make things simple.  The rounding poem is on this page for help, then click the number to round the sea shell to the nearest 10.  How many sand dollars can you earn?

Rounding Master
Use your rounding skills to become a “Rounding Master!”  Play it like “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”- just make sure that you have rounded to the correct place value!  If you are stumped, you can get help from 50:50, poll the audience or call a friend!

Rounding Off
This game has three levels- start with level 1 and try rounding off numbers to the correct decimal place or nearest 10, 100 or 1000 to see Hypatia give Pythagoras a grilling!

Do You Know Your Shapes?
What are the names of all of the polygons? Do you know?  This tutorial will walk you through the names of the 2-dimensional shapes, then click on the apple to practice identifying them!

3-D Shapes
We use 3-D shapes to describe real life objects, because they have a length, a width and a depth.  Can you identify these shapes?  Click the apple for more practice!

Shape Lab
Help Pablo complete his invention by handing him the correct shape.  Pay attention!  There are three levels:  Medium, Hard and REALLY hard- can you make it?

Shape Invaders and the Golden Hexagon
Save the world by blasting imposter shapes with your golden hexagons!

Weight and Measure
Watch this video tutorial on weight and measurement, then choose which unit you would use to measure the object shown.  How good are you at measuring?

Which tool?
Which tool would you use to measure each object?  Are you sure? Click on the “Let’s Review” section to learn more

The parcel needs a stamp!  But first it has to be measured, then weighed, to figure out which stamp it needs (remember, it’s a BBC activity, so it will get a British, not a US, postal stamp!).  Learn all about measuring the parcel, then take the quiz to be sure that the parcel gets posted!

Measure It!
FunBrain will show you a ruler with a red line above it.  Click on the length of the red bar.  You can decide if you are measuring in centimeters or inches.  Choose your level- Easy, Medium, or Hard!

Watch this video tutorial on patterns, then see how good you are at patterns.  Can you identify the pattern? Can you find the core pattern?  Can you extend the pattern?  Can you find the same pattern with different images?

Number Cracker
Help Mr Cracker obtain the secret code before the insidious Professor Soup catches him by guessing what number comes next!  Choose your level- easy, medium, hard or SUPER BRAIN!

The Crazy Pattern Machine
Can you figure out what’s missing in the pattern?  There are lots of levels- move the hand on the “Difficulty” meter to the level you want to try.  Click the “R” button and the “Randomizer” will turn your pattern from shapes to letters, numbers or colors!

The Input Adding Machine
Knowing patterns can help you find sums!  If you pay attention to the pattern of the addends and the sums, you can find a PATTERN and figure out the machine.  Give it a go and see if you can master the machine!

Money Review
Learn to count money, and get colored fish for your fish bowl!  There are three levels- start at the easiest level and see if you can work your way all the way to the hardest!  How good are you?

Mad Money
Think it’s easy to save up money for all the things you want and need?  Let’s see if you can do it!

Scotty Nickel
You are a human “Coin Star” machine!  Someone gives you coins, you have to give them back the smallest amount of change in the shortest amount of time possible.  When you are ready, click send.  How much can you earn?

On the Trail with Digger
Digger and the gang have found a treasure map!  But you’re going to have to help them solve a few mathematical riddles to find the treasure!  Can you help them?

Home Run Derby Math
Smack home runs by calculating the answers to math problems.  Because you’re estimating, your answers don’t have to be exact!  Choose which operations you want to include, then look to the right side of the score board for your problem.  Type in your answer, then hit and done- let’s see if you can hit a home run!

That’s a Fact!
Choose what you want to play:  Addition, Subtraction or Addition and Subtraction combined, Multiplication, Division or Multiplication and Division combined.  Then choose your level- to 5, to 10 or to 12.  Choose how many minutes you want to play, and see how many facts you can get correct!

Everything you ever wanted to know about fractions- including stuff you don’t need to know until 4th grade!  Be sure to check out What is a fraction? Fraction practice and Equivalent fractions!

Pizza Party
Check out the pizza to answer the questions.  Watch your numerator and denominator!

Melvin’s Make a Match
Can you put Melvin’s potions back in place?  Some bottles are labeled with fractions, others with pictures that show the fraction.  Match the two correct bottles that are equivalent!

Fraction Frenzy
A group of fractions will be displayed on the screen. You must match the equivalent fractions by first clicking on one, then click its equal.  If you’re correct, they’ll vanish! Keep going until all the fractions have been matched.

Ice Cream Graphing
The kids at the local ice cream parlor have placed their orders!  Drag the icons to the correct spot on the pie chart, then drag and drop the cubes to create a bar graph of the same data!

Reading Pictographs
Pictographs display data.  Every pictograph has a title, key, labels and pictures or symbols.  Can you answer the questions correctly about the pictograph?

CyberChase BarGraphs
Bugs have infected the system!  Can you clear the room of bugs by dragging the bugs to the column that’s the correct color?  Once the bugs are gone and the room is clear, you graph is complete and you get to move to a more difficult room!

Data Picking
While the class is posing for the photographer, click on each student to get information for the frequency table.  Then use the completed table to create a graph that shows the data!  There are three levels- can you make it to the top?



Social Studies Activities

Equator, Prime Meridan and Hemispheres
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Are your map skills good enough to go from rags to riches?

US Geography Pop Ups
How are your map skills? Are you a super explorer?

World Oceans and Continents Games
Play the games in order.  Print your score for game two!

Jacques Cartier Cloze Passage
Think you know all about this explorer? Give this passage a try! Label Maps
Type the screen name and password first (ces colt / colts).  Click Continents and Oceans Puzzle Maps
Type the screen name and password first (ces colt / colts) Click Continents and Oceans

Columbus & Ponce deLeon Cloze Passage
Think you know these two explorers?  Give this passage a try!


Science Activities

Moon Phases
Can you put the phases of the moon in the correct order?

Earth, Sun and Moon
Can you describe how the Earth, Sun and Moon interact?

EdHeads Simple Machines
Can you find all the simple machines?

Gadget Anatomy
Look carefully at each hand tool. Can you figure out what simple machines they use?

Build a Prairie
Can you create a prairie habitat for plants and animals where they can survive?

Animal Habitats
What do you know about animal interdependence and adaptations?

More Measurement
Get more measuring practice here- go to Activities and click on Freeform Measuring or Travel Game!

Science Practice Quiz
Take this practice quiz to see how prepared you are!

Sharpen Your Test Taking SkillsSharpen your Skills!

The Illinois State Board ISAT sample tests are very similar to the Virginia SOL tests. You can select a grade level, choose a subject and download a sample test booklet (and answer key!) to practice test taking skills!

Texas assessments and Virginia SOL tests are written by the same publisher. Scroll down the page to "Interactive Online Version" and you can take a practice test online and have it scored to see how you did!

The Virginia Department of Education releases certain test items each year and allows students to use them as a "practice test." These items must be downloaded and printed out (needs Adobe Acrobat)

Tami Maloney at Poquoson Schools took the above released items and turned them into ONLINE interactive tests that give immediate feedback!
Please do not take the quizzes based on the 2005 released test items until after April 28th

Various online quizzes by content area and grade level. Look through the matrix and take one!



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